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test6 Michael B. Hansen is a senior full-stack lead .NET freelance consultant which is certified MCPD Enterprise Application Developer with a broad and deep knowledge base and more than 20 years of professional enterprise development.

I have worked extensively with development of web sites, web services, windows services, high volume data processing, performance optimization, multithreading and concurrency management.

Chief architect and lead developer on several successful commercial enterprise products, including the award winning SPAMfighter Exchange Module.

Available for hire on projects located in Copenhagen and Sjælland (Denmark).

Michael B. Hansen

Michael B. Hansen

Rasmus Vork
UI & Digital Designer

It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Michael. He is without any doubt the most talented developer I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. As a designer it is such a bliss to work with a developer that sees a challenge where others see problems – and will always find a solution to said challenge, without compromising on code performance. He has my highest recommendation, and I hope I will get another chance of collaborating with him again in the future.

Justin Bellinger
Founder and CEO at TAM Media Company

Michael is a deeply gifted developer and software architect, who’s grasp of the underlying issues of real development makes him a superb person to have on your team. He is highly focused, exceptionally productive, and has managed to keep that deep inquisitiveness that’s the hallmark of a great developer and architect, and no matter the problem, he knows how to dig, reverse engineer (if needed) and solve it. Always. Michael’s work has always been exceptional, and his broad skill-set has always meant, no matter how steep the challenge, he always delivers. Usually here, in a recommendation, I would put “always delivers to expectation and on time”, but Michael continually delivers well above expectation and ahead of deadlines, sometimes well-ahead. Michael gets my highest recommendation when I say, I would jump at the chance to work with him again; it has been a real pleasure to work with him at SPAMfighter, and to get to know him personally as well; and should his CV ever cross your desk in the future, do yourself a favour, you don’t need an interview, hire him!! Assuming I haven’t snapped him up first! Working with Michael has been one of the highlights of my career. I don’t think I can say fairer than that.

Esben Elmøe
CEO and Founder at

Michael has an extraordinary large amount of technical knowledge. Combined with his great thoroughness and work determination it has made him the primary technical expert where his skills as a problem solver has been crucial for many projects.