OWA Toolbar

For use with SPAMfighter Exchange Module a cusom toolbar for Microsoft Exchange OWA 2003 – 2016 was required. The purpose of this toolbar is to assist normal users to block or unblock e-mails.

Microsoft Exchange OWA is the mail server’s web based interface for mailboxes (i.e. webmail) and is a proprietary solution without any public API’s that could fulfill the requirements for the custom toolbar.

Because of the lack of a public API, and the fact that each Exchange version, and update to said versions, combined with differences introduced by Windows operating system changed how the system worked – development of the toolbar had a number of challenges. The solution was to reverse enginer the inner workings of the Exchange OWA applications and develop a generalized system for the toolbar that could accomplish the following tasks:

  • Inject a toolbar into an existing Exchange OWA application
  • Intercept calls to internal functions in an Exchange OWA application
  • On-the-fly modification of communication protocol used by an Exchange OWA application
  • Handle differences introduced by various operating systems and web servers

The solution was highly innovative and combined a number of technologies and methods – such as ISAPI, COM+, ASP.NET, Http handlers, JSON, JavaScript and SOAP.


.NET/C# developer on a ASP.NET based plugin for Microsoft Exchange web e-mail system (Exchange OWA).

It was the consultant’s role to design and develop the system.

The system was developed using C#, ASP.NET, C++, COM+, ISAPI and jQuery where the system hooks into the Internet Information Service (IIS) and at runtime injects a toolbar into the Exchange OWA web based system when browsers requests certain pages / resources.

My responsibilities were:

  • Integrate the product with all versions of Exchange.
  • Analyze and identify ways to inject toolbar into Exchange OWA.
  • Interface and reverse engineer legacy code, this required extensive analysis and understanding of old proprietary code.
  • Develop custom web based toolbar for Exchange.


My roles in the project were:

  • System Development
  • System Design
  • Web Development
  • Frontend Development.


Technologies used in project were:

  • .NET
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • XML
  • COM+
  • Microsoft Exchange