Outlook Toolbar

For use with SPAMfighter Exchange Module a custom toolbar for Microsoft Outlook 2003 – 2016 was required. The purpose of this toolbar is to assist normal users to customize their individual filter settings, block or unblock e-mails and get personal statistics reported.

Development of the toolbar encountered a number of challenges that needed to be addressed. To name a few, it needed to automatically discover the network location of the organization’s SPAMfighter Exchange Module installation, be able to communicate over heterogenous protocols and support multiple versions of Microsoft Outlook.


Senior lead .NET/C# system developer/windows application developer on a plugin for Microsoft Outlook. The purpose of the plugin was to provide an user interface to user specific settings and actions for the server product “SPAMfighter Exchange Module”.

It was the my role to design, develop and implement various feature improvements based upon user feedback.

The system was developed using .NET/C# and WinForms. The system communicated with a backend Windows Service using Web Services.

My responsibilities were:

  • Integrate the product into Microsoft Outlook 2003-2016.
  • Support existing code based upon customer feedback.
  • Process e-mails based upon user interaction.
  • Synchronize data and integrate with backend Windows Service.


My roles in the project were:

  • System Development
  • System Design


Technologies used in project were:

  • .NET
  • C#
  • WinForms
  • Web Services
  • Microsoft Outlook